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Dry cleaning

The advantages of dry cleaning

Dry cleaning cleans clothes while respecting the environment through a process that uses a solvent instead of water. The machine used for dry cleaning is similar to a washing machine, but it is larger and operates within a closed circuit that precludes the discharge of cleaning chemicals into the sewer system.

The closed circuit also permits the solvent to be recovered and filtered for reuse. That’s why dry cleaning is environmentally friendly. It pollutes much less compared to the various systems that discharge solvents, stain removers and softeners in wastewater.

In addition, dry cleaning disinfects and degreases all clothing. It damages the tissues less than conventional washing and uses little water. However, great care is required in the cleaning process, as sensitive fabrics and trim on clothing may be damaged. That’s why dry cleaning requires supervision by professionals like our team at Nettoyeur Hérard & Fils.


List of services

  • Sewing
  • Specialized cleaning of leather and suede
  • Specialized cleaning of carpets and cushions
  • Alterations of any kind Post-disaster treatment of clothing (ozone chamber)
  • Dry cleaning
  • Remodelling

Delivery times


We provide a speedy service since we do the cleaning on site. Regular clothes can be ready the same day.


For services other than cleaning, work is contracted out and deadlines vary according to service. However, we deal with trusted companies that have worked with us for many years.